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I have faith that ......

365 QOTD

I have faith that ......

.... my small efforts right now are good investments for a bigger and better and brighter future.
.... things are meant to get better and better.
.... dreams do come true.

My fairy tale side is activated again.

Last night, I took time to backread a few blog posts and I just can't help but smile to see how things had changed for the better for me. It is just amazing.

Today, I met with a new friend. She just moved to Miyazaki and still learning her way around.

It was a very good day. But before that, of course, there is a family video chat in the morning while we ate breakfast together. Then, I was able to finish a paper due today. Half-baked and I am completely dissatisfied but I'd rather have it submitted rather than late. This semester and that subject has been my major challenge yet, nonetheless, there are things to be accomplished.

Then, I messaged her (the new girl) and asked if the lunch out is still on and that it will be okay. …

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